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A former operational readiness

1, saw blades, housings, handles no cracks, breakage.

2, cable cords and plugs intact, normal switching operation, to ensure proper connection, solid and reliable.

3, blade mounting solid, bolt tightening, both inside and outside chuck blade tightly clamped. The horizontal axis of the blade perpendicular to the plane of electric circular saw.

4. Check to ensure that the activities of rotating flexible protective cover, no distortion, and the circular saw blades are not rubbing, reliable connection, ensuring normal operation will not fall off.

5. Check to make sure the cut workpiece is firmly fixed.

Second, the operation precautions

1. When you start in the vacant position must be electric circular saw, prevent jumping to touch the workpiece to be cut circular saw is started.

2, circular saw should be allowed to start idle for some time, to observe the blade is functioning properly, whether the phenomenon of swing, electric circular saw is excessive vibration, noise is normal.

3, electric circular saw during the operation must pay attention to its position of the cable to prevent being cut cause electric shock or short circuit accident. To bypass the cable is plugged in behind again, the body should not in contact with the cable.

4, electric circular saw during the cutting operation, the fingers must not be close to the speed of rotation of the saw operator's body must maintain an appropriate distance from the device.

5 Do not use electric circular saw high over his head in the position of the workpiece to prevent electric circular saw or cutting off the accident.

6, the new blade is generally flat when open saws, line of sight required within the range of 5 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ choice.

7, after the machinery starts, it should be a no-load operation, check that the equipment flexible linkage unimpeded. When the job, afterburner should be balanced, not excessive force.

8. Do not overload use. Should pay attention to the sound operation and temperature, abnormal should immediately stop checking. When the job too long, equipment temperature over 60 ℃ or soup hand or burning smell, should be shut down, naturally cool down the job.

9, the job may not touch the cutting tool, found to have blunt, damaged unusual sound, when the situation should be stopped immediately checked; must cut off the power supply before maintenance or replacement of parts, and so on blade has completely stopped.

10, when the need to repair the file blunt blade, should turn off the power, unplug it, wait a complete stop before removing the saw blade to do business.

11, power outages, or leave the work site should break off the power supply circular saw.

12, the processing is complete turn off the power, and make cleaning equipment and surrounding venues.


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