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1 Inspection and testing and maintenance of an electric wrench

1.1 electric wrench metal outer should be grounded, the shell should be periodic inspection and test certificate, and within the expiration date.

1.2 Check the electric wrench body mounting screws fastening, if the screws loose, retighten them immediately, otherwise it will lead to an electric wrench fault.

1.3 Check the handheld electric wrench handle on both sides intact, no cracking can be damaged, securely installed.

2 electric wrench use and handling precautions

2.1 Verifying site connected power supply is consistent with the electric wrench nameplate. Whether connected with leakage protection.

2.2 In accordance with the matching sleeve nut size selection, and proper installation.

2.3 Transmission confirmation before switch-off state electric wrench, otherwise the plug into a power outlet electric wrench to rotate unexpectedly immediately, which could lead to the risk of personal injury.

2.4 When the work area away from the power of the place, the time required to extend the cable, use sufficient capacity, installation of qualified extension cable. By extension cable as a pedestrian should be elevated or do cable is damaged to prevent rolling.

2.5 as far as possible to find a good reverse torque when using the branch by point, to prevent reaction wounding.

2.6 Use of carbon spark motor abnormalities found, should immediately stop working, check processing, troubleshooting. Furthermore brushes must be kept clean.

2.7 work on a ladder or high operating measures should be prepared to falls, ladders should be ground staff support.

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