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Profile cutting machine by series motor, transmission, chassis cover, chassis and other components can be transferred clamp.

Step / methods

1. The operator must be familiar with the performance of equipment, compliance with safety procedures to prevent accidents.

2. The work of cutting the times necessary to concentrate, not only to keep a clear head, but also to operate power tools rational tired, drink or take non-stimulant drug operations after cutting.

3. The supply line must be safe, reliable, non-privately Luanla. Performance of the device must be carefully checked before use to ensure that all parts intact.

4. wear appropriate clothes, not wear loose clothing, but do not wear jewelry or long hair, wear gloves and cuffs prohibited without buckle operation.

5. machined workpiece clamping must be solid, non workpiece clamping is not tight to start cutting.

6. Do the wheel plane, grinding burr of the workpiece, grinding wheel to prevent fragmentation.

7. Cutting operator must deviate grinding wheel front and wear protective glasses.

8. Do not use the existing incomplete grinding wheel, should be cut to prevent the Mars scattered, and away from flammable materials.

9. workpiece clamping fixture should be smooth solid, shields must be installed correctly, you should check the air operation after boot setup, without jitter and abnormal noise.

10. Replace halfway cut sheets or films wheel, do not lock nut too hard to prevent the blade crack or grinding wheel accidents.

11. shakes and other equipment failures, should immediately stop repair, non-sick and doping and drink operations, wear gloves when operating strictly prohibited. Such as during operation will cause dust, wear a mask or face shield.

12. The process should be finished off the power and good equipment in and around the venue 5S requirements. Drill and insulation supplies should be placed in designated areas.

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