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Whatever the machine, when we use a long time that we would have to clean up for him, because we can be more convenient to use, of course, so that he is also a guarantee of performance. But we know what we ought to come clean on the slot machines, you do not know if it would like to see the quality of mechanical technology is how to say it.

Due to the layout of the slot machine itself is more complex, the area is relatively large, so this gives us a clean-up has brought no small difficulty, since many of my friends do not pay attention to his clean, so clean-up slot machines method so it is not so understanding. We can slot machines for six months to clean up, use a brush to brush him out of dust, with a special cleaning fluid to clean the place for dust, of course, we have to put him relatively well ventilated place, this will prevent rust he appeared.


When we can use slot machines, we want to ensure his position axis and some lubrication lubrication, until the water temperature at the time of his forty to fifty degrees during the operation, slot machines can not make regular load operation. If in the winter time, slot machines closed his temperature is forty to fifty degrees in place, we have to put antifreeze. In peacetime use of slot machines, we have to pay more attention to, if he found a problem that we have to clean up promptly.

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