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1, should be carefully checked before use and determine whether they have the tools to use the conditions to prohibit tools to work sick.

2, can not use in explosive areas. 3, according to the instructions in the use of tools, the proper use of tools.

4, the operator labor wear range, should bring rubber gloves and non-slip boots outdoor work.

5, the drill rotates clockwise, can not be reversed to use.

6, when the drilling operation to achieve a smooth, uniform force, can not be forced forward.

7, when used continuously as a discovery tool overheating (cabinet of more than 70 ℃) should be suspended, add oil until the check that no fault can continue to use.

8, regularly check electrical connection wire, if it is damaged, replace it immediately.

9, use an extension cord, use a dedicated mobile power with leakage protection, and manual tests.

10, the tool when not in use or maintenance, replacement mill films, disconnect the power supply.

11, maintain a high degree of attention when operating, prohibit the use of tools when tired.

12, according to the manual's contents regular tool maintenance tool.

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